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Ina Noranaya
14 September 2009 @ 12:24 am
Just finished reading Corambis, last book in the Doctrine of Labyrinths series. Am currently tearing through the Q&As on Sarah Monette's Livejournal. The series is definitely on my short-list of favorites, even though I'm well aware (more aware, reading the Q&A) that it's not perfect. Maybe at some point I'll post a coherent review, but for now. . .

Felix, and Mildmay, and especially Felix and Mildmay interacting together, made me tear up so many times. I feel like a broken record, with how many times I've said I love these characters. But it's true.

And the ending. The opening line of the conclusion (don't want to quote it here, for spoilers) was perfect.
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Ina Noranaya
I'm certainly getting my culture/entertainment fix this summer. Here're some of the things I've enjoyed recently.

Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellCollapse )

WickedCollapse )

Jade EmpireCollapse )

Natsume YuujinchouCollapse )
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Ina Noranaya
I graduated from high school. A month ago, in fact. The speech I gave went over well, mercifully. I'll be going to the University of Chicago.

The most important thing to do between now and then (then being late September, UChicago's on an off-kilter quarter schedule) is purchase a laptop. Preferably before my desktop gives out completely. The latest bug is that I can type Japanese in a Word document, but not on the Internet. This while my computer is explicitly prohibited from updating, because I know updates make things worse. Wtf, Windows, seriously.

I have decided to screw any sensible method and just learn the jouyou kanji (and whatever others catch my eye as being important) in a way that will make sense to no one but myself and my dictionary. I'd like to use an SRS, but the repeated copy-pasting that would require is a pain.

I haven't gushed here yet about Vienna Teng's new album, Inland Territory. But I feel it expresses very well why she's my favorite singer. I also listened yesterday to Regina Spektor's new CD on the NPR website, and very much enjoyed it.

Saw Star Trek last Sunday, and liked it despite not being a Trekkie. This parody is actually a pretty accurate description. The fandom is a bit awe-inspiring, as is seeing the original slash pairing in action (like in this fanvid, set to Lady Gaga's Poker Face, of all things. It works scarily well).

In other news, there's a friend of a friend that I made a fool of myself flirting with the last time I saw him who has apparently turned out to be gay. Not that it does me much good, since we're all headed off to college. But there aren't so many intelligent, decent-looking gay guys of my age that I can afford to ignore one just because he'll be a state away.
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Ina Noranaya
Today, it's 74F. Last Saturday, we got 8 inches of snow. I'm going to miss the crazy West Tennessee weather (except for the tornadoes) when I'm gone.

Brief State of the Ina (I did not consider when choosing this username that it did not abbreviate well):
I am going to college. I got my first acceptance last month, to McGill University. So, even if everything else falls through, I can still run off to Canada.

I feel burned out. Maybe it's just senioritis. But I've never really felt my lack of a grounding philosophy, my lack of belief, until now.

I'm angrier than usual, too. I've been that way for the past two weeks or so. I've never responded to seeing a guy I find attractive by getting angry before. Mostly, it gets taken out on people who haven't done anything. Not that anyone's done anything. . .

Even my best friend has a boyfriend. They were good friends before they started dating. It hurts, sometimes, to look at them. . .

Of course, most of my friends have it worse in some way or another.

I've had several semi-platonic dreams involving this one guy. . . He's definitely straight, but he keeps saying and doing things that could be easily misinterpreted (like, say, inviting me to cuddle on the couch). . . and I think he knows it. I just don't understand why.

On the bright side of things, there's French pop:
Anaïs-Peut-être une angine Dancing panda for the win?
Zazie-Rue de la paix Weird video, awesome lyrics. The quote above is from this song.
Zazie-Je suis un homme Numbers have never made me cry before.
Pauline-Allô le monde Upbeat and consciousness-raising.
And, for the nostalgia factor:
C'est le début, from Anastasia
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Ina Noranaya
16 December 2008 @ 12:50 pm
But I am ready for school to be out. . .

I'm finished with my college applications, except for a scholarship app or two that I really don't want to do. I was deferred by the school I applied early to yesterday, which means I have to wait till April 1st to hear anything from anywhere.

I must confess, I read Twilight. In lieu of letting my friends drag me to the movie, and only after one of the more cynical ones promised me it wasn't that horrible. And it wasn't that bad, I thought, but then again my taste in books can be questionable (I enjoyed David Eddings, for crying out loud). I can at least see how teenage girls might get wrapped up in it (the only character that intrigued me at all was Alice, however). Out of morbid curiosity, I confirmed that (poorly written) yaoi fanfiction does exist for Twilight, which is ironic on so many levels.

On the other hand, there's Mélusine. Which is in fact made of awesome. And in which the ridiculously pretty character at least makes up for it by being an asshole and insane. And for which not all the yaoi is fanfiction, but anyway. . .

Over Christmas, my goal is to investigate the Heisig method for learning kanji. We'll see.
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Ina Noranaya
28 July 2008 @ 06:38 pm

An unemployed man walks into a Unitarian Universalist church and starts shooting people for their liberal views. Admittedly, this could happen in other states just as easily, and it did happen in East Tennessee--we in West Tennessee like to think of ourselves as being a bit more civilized. But still. . .

I'd rather be in, say, California.
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Ina Noranaya
26 July 2008 @ 10:13 pm
It rained today for the first time in forever. Actually, it stormed, but I'm not complaining. I'd started to miss the weather in San José.

While everyone else this weekend went to go see Batman, I went to Mamma Mia! Which was fun and hilarious and everything that it should've been.

The New York Times has an article on reading on the Internet. Yes, they mention fanfiction.net. They even picked an atrocious fic to quote from. And while I know it's not hard to give fandom a bad name, a nod to the decent writers out there would be nice. (Though they did find someone articulate to defend online reading.)

I'm up to speed on Amatsuki, and while the pace of the plot's no slower, I'm actually much more intrigued by it now. Also, there's no way someone that blushes and sparkles as much as Toki is straight. Bi, more like--Benitobi put paid to the idea that he was only attracted to manly women like Kuchiha (though I don't really trust her all that much. . .) And here's where I cut my KonToki ramblingsCollapse )

Also, I have started delving through the crack that I'm told constitutes the first 60 chapters of KHR.

As part of my attempt to consolidate and flesh out my knowledge of kanji, today I finished writing up the 80 first-grader kanji in a spiral notebook.
Ina Noranaya
22 June 2008 @ 05:14 pm
Pero todavía quiero estar allá. Qué increíble. . . Sobre todo, la familia con la que me quedé. Y nuestra profesora también. Tampoco se pueden encontrar frutas como las que comí. . . mango, guayaba, guanábana, jugo de cas. . .

Costa Rica, me haces falta.

On the flip side, I think 3 weeks of speaking nothing but Spanish has made my Japanese worse. Clearly the solution is watching lots of anime.

I was impressed with all the pro-China capitalist propaganda, even in San José. McDonald's is to be feared.

I saw Prince Caspian (dubbed in Spanish), and from the sound of it, it helps that my memory of the book is sketchy at best. But Caspian certainly wasn't all that bad-looking, and the Regina Spektor song at the end is love.

Also Indiana Jones, finally, after I got back. Not as good as the third one, better than the second, about on par with the first. The villain was my favorite by far.

It's bad that I can laugh at the racist humor inherent in Facebook pins that say 白人看不懂. At least it's self-directed. And Chinese seems like it would be satisfying to insult someone in.
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Ina Noranaya
27 May 2008 @ 08:51 pm
. . . el jueves, hasta el 18 de junio. Me emociono de estar en Costa Rica por casi 3 semanas. Pienso que ya tengo todo listo. . .

I've been watching Amatsuki, which is very pretty (Toki is cute, Kon is sex on legs, and Bonten. . . ), but it feels a bit rushed and disjointed plot-wise. So I'm reading the manga a bit in hopes that it'll make more sense. Mostly, there've been a lot more sparkles. . .

Kuchiha and Toki's interactions feel a lot like those between me and one of my friends.

Surely something has happened in a month. . .

Various assorted friend-dramas. One of the people I'll be staying with for the next few weeks is a homophobe.

I picked up a copy of the Daodejing, which is fairly impressive.

My view of the Chinese government has improved in light of the recent earthquake in Sichuan. They've turned that natural disaster into a wonderful propaganda tool. Myanmar, on the other hand. . . Perhaps Beijing supports the junta so as to make itself look better.

I found some skinny jeans in an appropriate waist size. Stores tend to assume guys like me don't exist--but the rail-thin emo boys must get their clothes somewhere.

I've been eye-flirting with (read: staring at intensely and borderline stalking) this one guy. And I think he's aware of it. . . Lucky for me, he lives only a few streets over.

Twice I've seen this other guy, who's openly bi, at the Catholic church I go to. And he keeps showing up at random restaurants and places (saw him again just this evening).
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Ina Noranaya
02 April 2008 @ 07:04 pm
I know I said Makoto scared me in the beginning, but with the last few episodes of Ghost Hound, he's captured all my sympathy and love. Masayuki and Tarou are love too.

Khaos Komix (which I found through that little banner in the top corner of Honeysyn) is made of gay and win. Seriously, the latest page says, I kid you not, "Super bra! With epic powers of squish!" Yes, I do think Tom is hot.
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